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Have you or a family member gotten Poison Ivy without even going into the woods? Well, what you might not know is even though you and your family are inside and clean, if you have an overgrown area on your property, that area might be frequented by your pets. The oil located on the leaves of Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac contains the allergen responsible for that nasty rash associated with the exposure to it. It can enter your home on the fur of your pets! They aren't allergic to it, but humans are! Having BRUSHBUSTERS clean and clear these areas will solve this problem!

I was talking with a gentleman who enjoys doing his own lawn work whenever possible. As he had gotten older, some areas of his property were simply more than he had the ability to maintain.

He was complaining that every time he would work in the yard he would get Poison Ivy between his fingers. Perplexed by this, he asked me how could this be? He explained that he always wore work gloves while working in the yard or gardening. I asked him one simple question, "do you leave your gloves on while untying your boots?" He said "no, why would that make a difference?" I explained that its the oil from the Poison Ivy leaves that had gotten on his boot laces then between his fingers while untying them that was giving him the rash. He laughed, thanked me kindly and after the Overgrown Property Restoration was completed he called me several months later to thank me and stated that that problem hadn't returned.

 BRUSHBUSTERS, Taking back overgrown properties, spreading helpful knowledge and making friends along the way!

The ONLY name you need to know is BRUSHBUSTERS!