My name is Richard Sutton. I called on Brush Busters to clean up a half acre of thick overgrown brush in my backyard. They did an outstanding job and were in and out in just 2 days. My place hasn't looked this clean in over 25 years and I dont expect to be getting snakes in my swimming pool anymore. It truly was money well spent. Thank you all very much.

Richard Sutton

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I hired Brush Busters to trim back 5 of my large Crepe Myrtles, they showed up for the estimate and work as promised. 2 very friendly and clean clut your gentlemen performed the work in 3 hours or less, cleaned up most of the debris. Chipped the branches and put them in my island where the trees are planted. They even draped my fence with a tarp to protect my fence from the spray of the chipper. Reasonable price for a good job and actually showed up as promised. That's a big deal to me. I would highly recommend them​.   Sarah Overstreet

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We bought a house in Kennesaw Georgia last March that had been vacant for 2 years. The backyard area hadn't had anything done to it in over 10 years! We were completely overwhelmed so we called several companies to get prices to clean it up. Brushbusters sent out not one but two very professional gentleman to give us a free estimate the same day that we called. We agreed to the price  that was more than fair considering the amount of work that needed to be done and were more than happy with the results. The place has never looked better! Thank you brushbusters! 

Mike and Gina Kirshner

Excellent job BrushBusters did for me during the summer. As hot as it was they got the job done with absolute perfection and professionalism.  These guys are all gentlemen and hard working with all the backbone required for this type of work. It was great to be able to understand everything that went on and with the service BrushBusters exceeded my expectations and i will not only call them back i also recommend 100% to anyone. Thanks again BrushBusters. 

Marshall Jenkins Marietta GA

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​​My wife and I moved into our dream home. We had a huge beautiful yard and lots of potential. Lots of trees. Not long after we started to get overrun with ivy and leaves. Then came the poison ivy and any other "poision" weed that makes outdoor life miserable. The yard soon was taken over. We called the guys at BrushBusters to help. They cleared the yard of all ivy and poison weeds in no time. We have 2 dogs and not only did they work around our work schedule but were very considerate of our animal concerns. As a Veteran, I also liked the fact that they hire returning Vets for all of their work. These guys did a fantastic job and fast too. Great work ethic, fast service and someone I know I can trust. I would recommend BrushBusters to anyone that needs to tame and regain their yard. BrushBusters are the best!! 

BrushBusters did an excellent job. Our property looks the best it has in 15 years. The entire staff was kind, polite and professional. It would have taken us months to do what they did very quickly. BrushBusters certainly exceeded our expectations. The price was very reasonable and money well spent indeed! We highly recommend BrushBusters. 

Brett & Leith Baumberger, Marietta, GA