The ONLY name you need to know is BRUSHBUSTERS!

Increase the size of usable space on your property

At Brushbusters we have much higher standards with our work due to our increased level of quality. Other brush removal companies just do not seem to possess our standard of excellence.

There is never any mediocracy involved in any of the projects that Brushbusters provides.

Brushbusters unlike other companies, will never over-promise and under- deliver!

In fact, most of our satisfied customers are far more impressed with the finished product then they ever expected to be! lt takes well-paid, intelligent, driven men to perform the duties to the level of excellence that is demanded by Brushbusters. So that is exactly what we have! Only the very best! We are very proud to hire the finest young men possible and never grow tired of hearing the rave reviews about the work ethic, professionalism and knowledge of our employees.

About Us

Brushbusters was started by two brothers Jack and Joe Cantrell.

The Cantrell brothers had owned a successful lawn maintenance company for over 20 years.

After receiving hundreds of calls throughout the years from people who were desperate to reclaim overgrown areas of their property which had become uselessly overtaken by brush, overgrown bushes and undergrowth to the point that their landscaping had vanished the idea for Brushbusters was born. Brushbusters was a truth and an idea that had been there all along, but simply came into being when the time was right.

We at Brushbusters are 100% confident that we will not only meet but exceed your expectations with the incredible transformation of your property!

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We exceed expectations.
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